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A good sense of humor is one of the sexiest things I find about a girl. Hope to hear from you soon.” –JB-ROD“I love how casually you talk about yourself.Truly shows how confident and free spirited you are.

So minutes after she tells me what she believes is my problem, I eat a giant cinnamon bun the size of my kneecap and decide to give my profile a makeover -- I’ll write up what I would actually say about my interests and myself if I was being 100 percent honest.

Best profile I have seen this far and you seem like a ball of fun to be around.” –PJ71PI still received my fair share of generic messages with the 100 percent honest profile, proving that some people don’t make it past your photos before shooting you a message.

And of course I got my fair share of strange ones; I even had a few people who spotted me from the other dating site, and one person who recognized me from the gym.

She’s just a friend of a friend of a friend who occasionally reads my writing on the Internet. I’m at work drawing snails on a notepad, deciding whether I want a cinnamonbun the size of my kneecap or a slice of cheap pizza for lunch.

There’s my mom, my rabbi, and my best friend, who recently got engaged.

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