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These websites are multiplayer and have 3D elements, but communications and navigation are a bit non-traditional.

You can reach vendor’s web site from this link directly Second Life Official Site - Virtual Worlds, Avatars, Free 3D Chat Virtual World of Onverse – Free virtual world to shop, build, play ...

Do a little research before you actually join any of these games.

Operated By: Activeworlds Inc Built By: Activeworlds Inc Status: Developed 1994 Open since 1997 Customization: Land building is a primary activity. User Created Content: Yes Notes: Oldest still in existence. Website: Operated By: Cooee Gmb H (Germany) Built By: Cooee Gmb H Status: Open since January 2009 Customization: Avatar customization User Created Content: None Notes: Another 3D Chat Client designed primarily for teens Website: By: Virtual Encounters Inc. Status: Open since 2012 Customization: Limited avatar customization User Created Content: none Notes: Primary focus is on adult content and online sex.

Once the largest 3D Virtual World, was closed for financial reasons, but a strong fan base brought it back.

Seems a little dated today, but still has the best vehicles in the metaverse.

Website: By: 3D Chat LLC Built By: Golem Labs Studios using Gamebryo Engine Status: Open beta since July 2010 Customization: Customizable avatars and apartments User Created Content: none Notes: Adult oriented virtual world requires credit card or facebook verification Website: Operated By: Exit Reality (Australia) Built By: Metaversum (Germany) Status: Open Customization: Facial avatar customization including skins from photo feature.

Fully customizable rooms via purchasable furniture and textures User Created Content: Retexture walls, furniture and clothing, more coming soon. You can hang a fully operational webpage on your wall.Notes: Largest 3DVW in both membership and activity.Over 20 million accounts, over 700,000 unique visitors monthly, and over 1800 sq. Website: Operated By: Makena (California) Built By: There Inc.Only the third social virtual world to have voice feature. Website: Operated By: Exit Reality (Australia) Built By: Doppelganger Inc.based on the Torque Game Engine Status: Reopened under new ownership Customization: Limited avatar customization User Created Content: Clothing and other various items via submission Notes: This teen oriented world has been shuffled around.As far as I can tell it is not associated with VWW/Utherverse, but uses the same gaming engine and business model.