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Some combination of all the things I did right pre-race had paid off.I did my weigh in and fought off the aid station volunteers as Tim picked me up for the jog down to the crew.

Every minute spent here was a minute we had to make up on the trail. After running with music and mostly alone for 14 hours, it was good to have humans around to listen to. So we got out our headlamps at one of the Cal aid stations. I hadn’t tried it out in practice which was a no-no but that left some excitement for a new toy on the trail. But I felt on my game today and thought I could give it a shot. I think I dropped to the walk a few times in here just because.

Everyone was giving me accolades and I appreciated them all. While I earned that buckle running that distance on my own 2 feet, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without them.

I was able to hold a nice little pace and run those last miles. The stadium is much more empty than when you watch those videos of the winners. But Tim was the one that looked like he ran 100 miles. Everyone was tired once they let their bodies relax. Natalee – For being totally fired up as always and getting into each of my races like none other.

I didn’t shed a tear or have any emotions really like in previous 100s. So we made the trip and sat through the long ceremony until I got to go up in the 23 hour group to get my buckle. Video My man, Eric, slugged the camera around all day and captured a bunch of video that I edited together. We have gotten to know each other a lot over the last year and it was really great to spend time with you guys and share what I do with you.

I simply ran until I cross the mat under the arch and heard the beeps. Saw all my Colorado buddies there and was able to chat with them about their races. Plus, I felt like it was the closing to the experience for the newer members of my crew. Its mostly aid station footage of course but if you haven’t been there before, this might be fun stuff to watch. Splits Crew I can’t say enough about my crew for this race. Mom and Dad – I was glad that they traveled out to see the race and get a taste of the ultra scene.

Maybe my Mom will stop crying now when she sees me race.

Maybe my Dad will stop saying how this is an impossible feat. I wanted to regain some of that ground I lost at the start without breaking a sweat. I was just in a singlet with arm warmers so I was a bit on the edge of cold. The scene looked like one out of Lord of the Rings. Any uphill was putting pressure on my big toenail on the left side. I was power hiking while he scampered back and forth taking photos and cheering me on and telling everyone spectating my name. Bath Road to Foresthill We jogged down through Foresthill as Glenn gave me the lowdown on what to expect up ahead.Maybe 2 miles up I stopped passing people and finally was in the mix with people traveling around the same speed and felt at home there. The top of the shoe was bending down and tapping on my toenail. Just a bit later, I hiked up to find Glenn standing at the gate onto Bath Road. I knew the whole family was there so that was exciting. It was 7PM and I just felt like I was tired of moving.There is a tradeoff though that the talking does help pass the time and zone you out a bit. We had been hearing the river down below but could not see it. There are volunteers in the water in waders and wetsuits all along the cable which is stretched across the river. Just big slick rocks and a slower runner in front of me. But at Rucky Chucky and Green Gate, the statistics finally went my way. Glenn and Natalee were breaking a sweat hiking up that thing. I could hear cars miles before and that was exciting. As exciting as it is to run remote all day, its pretty cool to come back to where people are.Then out of nowhere we saw lights down on the water. I knew at some point I had to make up a big chunk of time. I celebrated a bit on the Rucky Chucky far side by joking at the aid station with volunteers for the first time all day. I quickly headed out on the 2 mile hike up to Green Gate. I felt bad that they missed the river but we had a job to do. As we got into Highway 49, I heard them announce my name and hear cheers from my crew.Those times are based on some combination of smart runners and runners that blew up. Natalee and Glenn were supposed to meet us at the river but they were not present so we went on without them. We rolled into Green Gate and they went into crew mode with “what do you need? We crossed the highway under police traffic assistance. My legs were just cooked and given our time and pace I wasn’t in any jeopardy so I just went with what I had. Even though we were ahead of goal pace, he kept pushing me. But now we had enough to hit the goal so things slowed down. Tim and I walked across the bridge taking it all in.

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