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Adultyahoo chat rooms - Webcamchatromms

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I am one of those women who believe that the female should always be the dominant one in a relationship. My job takes me to many different cities and large towns and love shopping for lingerie when there. I don't really get a charge out of seeing women in panties..

she fall in love with me in her she want's too have me in panties 24/7. The right line, the right fabric, and a guy feels a million dollars.

she has even wanted too see me in tights and leotards. As I have grown in myself I have come to appreciate those who loose the idea that panties are just for women. In the end it doesn't matter whether you're female, male, gay, straight, bi...

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Now I don't go about this like other dominant women. I had to take a part time job working at a road house a while back. I go to the larger shopping complex and most always find a lingerie store. I tell the lady I'm from out of town and been invited to... I just recently figured out that I like to see men in women's panties. I love men and am turned on by their bodies, so I guess the extreme...

You will never see me with whips and chains or talking badly to my man. There was a bar and in the back rooms where I worked we girls did messages with, ah . I started wearing panties around age 20 when I was still single as I just loved the feel of them next to my skin. so many guys on here love posting pics of themselves wearing panties. knowing there are so many guys out there who know the joy of wearing panties. They are wealthy, good jobs, big house and a 23 year old nanny for their kids.

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