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As the post says, “You won’t get this back.” [embedyt] v=ZZnx8djmaoo[/embedyt] While that may represent a low point for the now-defunct show, /ALL Chat was at other times a light-hearted jaunt through the worlds of League of Legends lore and fandom.

The hotkey was ' Y' and in the past typing "gg" used to be sent to everyone, but was also removed temporarily.

In it, they answer questions from the community, discussing their favorite cosplayers, their favorite cheeses, and why professional LCS players don’t use assassins.

They end the episode by highlighting some of their most memorable moments with the League of Legends community. v=Issg L3YSWCU[/embedyt] The hosts will hopefully find a new format in 2017, to continue the interaction between Riot and its enthusiastic community.

I currently work as freelancer Designer Director and Illustrator under the flag House of Colors for some of the world's top brands./All Chat is a Youtube Show for the fans of League of Legends by Riot Games.

Commissioned by Kornhaber Brown a production company based in NYC focused on social media content videos, my role was to come up with a logo for the show and create styleframe designs including illustrations submitted by the fans to the show. The final version of the show though doesn't feature my work.

He enjoys games, music, film, certain television and theater.

A former student of anthropology, he is fascinated by the intersections of culture, media and technology.

If there’s something you’d like to let the opposing players know, simply press shift enter to open all chat.

Proceed with typing your message, and to send it, just hit enter like you usually would. That’s all you need to know about all chat in Battlerite.

I am Adhemas Batista and this is my personal portfolio.

I explore vibrant and colorful concepts, with inspirations of urban art and pop culture.

WARNING: All characters here presented are part of the League of Legends game and are legally protected by Riot Games.

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