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It was the perfect answer to people’s dating woes, if you don’t mind making a snap judgment about a person based on just a photo.

It pairs up people using an algorithm – it asks questions, crunches the data and compares your answers to get you dates.

The free dating app scans the radius around you to pick up mutually-interested users (based on Facebook interests and friends) in the age group of your choice.

It’s available on Apple and Android operating systems.

The Author and Administrator for Contact indians club Mrs Mallika is an expert in researching Mobile telephone Dating and Relationships Trends in India and for Indian abroad in many countries.

Independent young Indians are turning to their smartphones to make dates and find love. Text: Joanna Lobo Image: Love Matters A date today is just a swipe away.

Trainer in soft skills/ Image loads of friends from Bangalore India Average height, short curls, hazel/green eyes. I am interested in playing cricket, football and fishing. 4" hair is I am a woman forty eight years old, I spend most of my time writing, cooking, painting, cleaning as I have a fetish for cleanliness. smile and why not laugh from heart and forget the wold. i want to free myself from all restrictions and considerations and Hi I am praven I am from Bnglr liking for a Gud and desnt girl for long term relation I lik to chat n be with friends my hoboes is playing foot ball My height 5.

Formal/Sporty/Casual depending on the occasion long twrm /I md. I am also interested in reading news paper and magazine. I love taking long walks, cycling, chess, playing shuttle badminton and volleyballi am alone.. The app’s strong selling point is its match percentage based on your answer to each question, how you’d like someone else to answer, and how important the question is to you.You can also seek blind dates using the ‘crazy blind date’ feature.We’ve chosen our list based on recommendations of people who have used these apps.It was the first dating app to take the country by storm, causing groups of adults to huddle over their phones even more than before.rn People would Not look some were else if they were truly They all tell me to move on. So, for their benefit, not mine, I walk around with a fake smile on my face, and a broken, bleeding heart inside.

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    Most sites allow members to upload photos or videos of themselves and browse the photos and videos of others.