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In my childhood, I always heard about the stories which are full of magic, but when I grew up, I found out life is full of realism. In terms of the awards, but after winning, my family thinks all films which go to festivals also received awards.

Under these circumstances, I have to try my best to keep my film at a high-quality level and express my aesthetics well in the film. READ MORE: ‘Kaili Blues’ Trailer: Watch Bi Gan’s Dreamy Vision of His Childhood Village In China Other films that influenced "Kaili Blues" include "Goodbye South, Goodbye" by Hsiao-hsien Hou. It is quite simple how the film’s longest take came to be: The cinematographer kept the camera on.

And a Chinese animation called "Mou Fang Da Sha," which tells a story about a little boy who was stuck in a magic cube. When the actor is riding the motorcycle, the cinematographers and sound engineers also ride on the motorcycle behind it and follow them.

He has a gun with him, which shot out wine instead of bullets, and the wine made people drunk. In order to finish this long take, I asked three cinematographers to join a relay team, which is the spirit of "Yu Gong who removed the mountains." READ MORE: Grasshopper Film Picks Up New Directors/New Films Premiere ‘Kaili Blues’ "Hungover is what I felt about the festivals right now.

As Chen embarks on a fated journey that involves a wide assortment of people, he finds himself unable to decide if the world around him is real or a product of some profound dream.

With stirring visuals, a unique story and one hell of a long-form tracking shot, the newbie Chinese director has already made his style and skill clear (and formidable).

Read more Litepanels, a premier provider of LED lighting for the broadcast, film, and production industries and a Vitec Videocom brand, is excited to introduce the Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit – an all-in-one solution perfect for any traveling cinematographer, video producer, or lighting professional.

Read more We hold a large stock of genuine spare and replacement parts in our global warehouses.

Cam Family Butchers was founded by Mark whose passion goes far beyond sourcing the finest meats.

Mark started life working on his families farm in Wainloads, nr. He trained in traditional sausage making techniques and by the age of 22 he had opened his first shop.

The connectors allow multiple lights to connect and pivot up to 15deg.

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