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La-du-da-da-du-da-dahh Sing it for me baby Come Mary, Mary Jane Sing it for me baby “Mary Jane” is female code for marijuana – similar to 2Pac’s female/gun metaphor in Me and My Girlfriend. Background vocals and instrumentation were handled by Billy Nunn, and production by Art Stewart.

Mary Jane Watson was created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr.[Verse 1] I'm in love with Mary Jane She's my main thing She makes me feel all right She makes my heart sing [Hook 1] And when I'm feeling low She comes as no surprise Turns me on with her love Takes me to paradise [Hook 2] Do you love me Mary Jane? Now do you think you love me Mary Jane Don't you play no games [Verse 2] I love her just the same I love her, Mary baby, just the same The woman plays no games Now, now, now I'm in love with Mary Jane I'm not the only one If Mary wanna play around I let her have her fun She's not the kind of girl That you can just tie down She likes to spread her love And turn your head around [Hook 2] [Bridge] I love her just the same I love her baby, baby, baby, baby, yeah Cause Mary plays no games Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh baby [Verse 3] Yeahhhhh! Mary Jane seems to be seriously focused on her future and plans after high school.She has been shown to befriend people very quickly, such as when she befriended Nova shortly after he came to Midtown High School and has an abundant awkwardness when talking to the rest of Spider-Man's teammates.Mary Jane seems to be a caring person as she cares about both Harry and Peter both however there is a hint of romance between Mary Jane and Peter as a result of their history together and the time when they were 12 and decided to get "serious".

She is also seen to be very commited to her strive to be a journalist going as far as putting her life and Harry's to get coverage of the battle between Spidey and his team against Venom and the enduring battle between Hulk and Spider-Man against Zzzax.Hair tests are highly biased against african americans as toxins are more easily detected in coarse, dark hair.THC can be detected in hair for years if it doesn’t get cut.Superhuman Strength Superhuman Durability Superhuman Agility Superhuman Reflexes Webbing Generation Wall-Crawling ESP (Spider-Sense)Shapeshifting Constituent-Matter Manipulation (Multiple Tendrils)Spike Generation Limited Purging Weapon Generation Biokinisis/Biological Manipulation Mary Jane Watson is a supporting character in the Marvel animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.She is Peter Parker's childhood best female friend.If you’re looking for something specific you can use the links below to jump ahead to a specific section, however; I certainly recommend reading this article in it’s entirety (I know it’s long, but it’s worth it).