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@Jay You need to get a "Fleshlight", not that I would know what this is.

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Like last night, just couldn't get into it and I'm on my own today so no doubt I'll have a little go today. I do find it hard to believe that so many people's partners don't masturbate...I also have a very close dear friend who I have phone sex with on occasion and we both masturbate whilst on the phone.It works for me And in past relationships I've mutually masturbated with partners. Doing that thing aspects of society says you shouldn't with and in front of another.Usually about once a day, it's relaxing and helps me go to sleep. @Jay You need to get a "Fleshlight", not that I would know what this is. If somebody told me years ago, I would not have believed them, but sex is not exactly very high on my priority list! I read this thread trying to get inspiration, but actually it made me feel awkward at stages! Anyway, no idea where I am going with this, but if somebody told me I would loose my sex drive I would have laughed! Therefore i don't masterbate that much to be honest but sometimes i will when i'm in the bath or on the loo when i'm feeling horny and i'm by myself x I'm not going to go all 50 shades here but try this (I appreciate it can feel awkward suggesting something like this with someone you've been with for a long time), I think I've said something similar on here before ; Wear a blindfold, put earphones in playing music, have your hands tied to the bed above your head and wear a noseclip so the only senses you have available are touch and taste.Anyway, I have zero sex drive, but I do masturbate. I also replied on the thread about "sex, sleep or chocolate", quite a simple answer SLEEP. Always had a higher sex drive and was more adventurous than OH, but over the few last years it has disappeared and I am not sure where to! You will be anticipating where you're going to be touched and what with.Wow, 6 times in one day, that is incredible, most I think I've ever managed was 3 in a day, that was in my late teens too when I was living on my own I was always at it, surprised I never got repetitive strain injury. And I do believe it's the best policy here goes.... Most nights my hand wanders down there, not nesecceraly to orgasm I just find the stimulation relaxing.

Being a single mother of three it's a nice way to drift off to sleep and ease some of the tension.For women it's a different kind of pleasure though.I know when I masturbate I will have a clit orgasm.I am intrigued to know how often you ladies masturbate as compared to men.We always hear of men constantly having sex on the brain but we know you are the same 😜 I will say personally, even with a healthy sex life I reckon I still masturbate about twice a week, do you take any chance you can when home alone or is it really just a man thing.I know, that's what I was thinking, it's like if you masturbate then there must be something wrong in the bedroom which is far from the truth, it's just nice to make the most of quiet time for me, just chill out and have a nice **** 😊 For women it's a different kind of pleasure though.

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