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She wanted to have some fun outside, but I was chilling very comfortably in my bed and didn’t really feel like going out.She was bored and wanted to play, so she got on my bed and on top of me.

I could tell she wanted my cock inside her real bad, well, so did I!

Yes, I was making my stepsister my bitch and I was enjoying every single moment of it.

She had the most awesome bubble shaped butt and a couldn’t keep my hands off it while plowing her.

Watching two naked girls making out while I fucked my girlfriend got me so fucking hard, man! ” The hot teen straddled herself on top of my cock and buried it into her tight pussy, riding me in cowgirl position.

The roomie took my cock in her hands, sucking it to lube it up and spit over my girl’s slit to lubricate her too. I was feeling her pussy become elastic and tighter with every kiss and every touch of our rommie. HOT TEENS SHARING BF’S COCK IN AMAZING POV SEX SCENES: My girlfriend was as excited as she was watching us fucking!

She popped it into her mouth and gave me a sweet blowjob while my girl gave me soft kisses all over my body.

She couldn’t take all my fat dick, but she took in as much as she could.Now that we were in her bedroom we wouldn’t have any distractions!She straddled herself on my lap again, only this time she pushed my throbbing erection inside her dripping wet snatch and began riding me!Then she was watching a movie on the couch and my girlfriend was looking sexy and hot and we were both pretty horny so I bent her over the dinner table, hiked her dress and started fucking her tight pussy from behind with my big hard cock.When our roomie got up to replenish her snack tray and saw us fucking right there she got startled, throwing those snacks all over the place, hilarious!My girl got on her back and spread her legs so I could fuck her tight cunt in missionary position with our roomie watching us doing it.

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