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Mijangos even had a stack of T-shirts made with the nickname “Guicho” written on them.

opened her email one day and found a message from a stranger. Through the Internet, this stranger had managed to seize control of K. He’d also rifled through her emails to learn other unsavory bits of information that could be used against her—he knew, for instance, about her three kids and that she had “a psycho ex (husband).” And when K. tried to exorcise him from her computer, he fired back: “I’m not playing you have six hours and don’t be stupid changing your emails or Myspace passwords won’t change a thing… But plenty of other women and girls did, terrified that this voyeur would carry out his threats to circulate compromising photos and videos to their classmates, parents, husbands, bosses—everyone listed in their online address books. S.’s email and those of 229 other female victims—including 44 minors—on March 10 when they raided a blue house in the tidy suburban neighborhood of Santa Ana, California.

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In exchange for not posting these racy images on the Internet, Mijangos would then demand that the woman send him new photos or videos of herself masturbating, according to the FBI. Sometimes, the cybervoyeur masqueraded as “yosoylammer.” (In geek slang, a “lammer” is a clumsy hacker.

Mijangos, perhaps, used the term ironically—online he was anything but clumsy.) Other times he used the tags “Guicho” or “goldlion14.” But the FBI was able to trace the numerous complaints of sexual extortion back to an internet protocol, or IP, address, which every computer connected to the Internet has, and which was registered in Mijangos’ name.

K.’s Open University, “The Internet is the nearest thing to a perfect surveillance machine the world has ever seen.” It teems with hackers siphoning off credit-card numbers, bank passwords, and personal details for a multiplicity of money-making scams.

Pedophiles troll for children and, as the so-called Craigslist killings show, even alleged murderers have turned to the Web to conduct their business.

The FBI’s affidavit paints a picture of Mijangos as a wheelchair-bound voyeur who roamed online chat rooms stalking his victims.

After the FBI raid, in which investigators confiscated his computer and a trove of videos, many of them of teenage girls, Mijangos admitted that he had hacked into women’s computers, but claimed he had only done so at the request of the women’s boyfriends or husbands.

In fact, breaking and entering a computer by remote control is fairly commonplace, according to security experts.

Says Robert Ellis Smith, founder of Privacy Journal, “Anyone with a year of community college and a fascination with computers can do this.” Ryan Calo, a senior research fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for the Internet and Society, cautions that Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines sift out our personal choices for “marketing purposes.” And from there, with the available technologies, it’s a small step for a hacker to exploit those same vulnerabilities for profit or, in this case, sexual blackmail.

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