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Yoing adults old men chat rooms

Research on technological differences between people has generally focused on accessibility to information technology (Mulligan, 2013).The term digital divide generally refers to the perceived gap between socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, or geographic groups who do not have access to the latest technology and those that do (Compaine, 2001).

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Vogl-Bauer (2003) indicated that it is the job of both researchers and families to understand how technology is influencing family functioning.Young adult children also reported their perceptions of their parents’ technological knowledge for the various technologies.Comparisons of young adult self-reported technological knowledge and their parents’ own reports of technological knowledge revealed that young adults were perceived to be much more knowledgeable than their parents (by both the young adults and their parents) regardless of the technology medium.Some scholars believe that media and technology have become a part of a youth’s microsystem because of the frequency of interaction that occurs with technology on a personal and relational level (Mc Hale et al., 2009).Traditionally, the frequent interactions within an adolescent’s microsystem would evolve as he or she made commitments (e.g., work, relationships) and developed autonomy from parents into young adulthood (18-25 years old).This study was designed to investigate generational differences in knowledge about interactive technology (i.e., cell phones, social networking, email, video chat) between parents and their young adult children.

Parents (n = 555) and young adults (n = 604) residing in the United States provided information about their knowledge in the use of interactive technology.In this study we begin to investigate the mesosystem that includes the young adult-technology microsystem and the parent-young adult microsystem.As technology and media have become part of the young adult microsystem experience, it has become apparent that limited research is available concerning the influence of technology on other relationships formed within the microsystem, such as parent-child relationships.Further, generational differences in technological skills have been proposed, with Millennials experiencing more proficiency and comfort with technology than previous generations (Prensky, 2001).These generational differences have largely been based on anecdotal evidence and have been perpetuated by popular media, but little empirical support for actual generational differences has emerged in the literature - for a review, see Litt (2013).However, research indicates that young adults are taking on some adult responsibilities, but many continue to rely on parents and other adults more so than previous generations (Arnett, 2000).

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