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Marie and Robb find themselves in a similar situation, and both couples push their flirtations to the next level.

Patrick's Day celebration and Brandon struggles to remain newly sober.Full of pranks, rum and romance, these roommates party like pirates, immersing themselves into the culture of the Caribbean, from boating and scuba diving to dancing in the streets of the traditional Carnival parade!Amidst all the fun in the sun, romances bloom, so beware -- there may be rough seas ahead.And there’s Ina who is the successful owner and the president of the film production company.She also has Hee-Soo beside her but they are not desperately in love with each other and lead their own private lives. But all of a sudden there comes this young and lovable couple and somehow she’s not that pleased to see them. This young couple seems to be such full of life and they’re in love!I have to disagree with "black blood" who wrote 3 very negative comments about this drama. And the credit for creating such a bad story goes to the writer.

I truly loved this drama with its ups and downs, heartbreaks, friendships, marriages to the wrong people even though a lie was the bottom line to why they married the wrong people. Though I did not complete the total drama (I watched only 4 episodes for now), the story is at its worst.

Thomas Seven reunite for the first time in the explosive reunion.

Like seven stranded castaways, our newest “strangers” of The Real World live on a small island -- right in the middle of the busy harbor of St.

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One couple finally make their relationship official and Swift gets revenge on Marie and La Toya in the prank war before the roommates pack their bags and say goodbye to St.