A dating ad

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A dating ad

There's no guarantee that the person answering an ad on an online dating site is someone you'd want in your life.

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Last week I called up Facebook anonymously as a new advertiser interested in advertising a dating app and with 0k to spend, and was immediately blocked from moving further - the representative told me that no new dating advertisers are being allowed into the platform, only old ones with legacy campaigns We'd be fine if Facebook wanted to ban all dating apps for whatever reason.We agreed to keep this executive anonymous because he is hoping to repair his relationship with Facebook.The problem is that several major dating site brands — like Zoosk, and e Harmony — are allowed to advertise on Facebook.Here's our source's story about being banned from Facebook: Our first product went live last year and we executed our strategy well - we self managed our Facebook mobile app install campaign and got a very nice ROI.Usage continued to grow week after week, we reached the #1 spot in the app store when searching for the particular vertical we went after, got tons of 5 star reviews, and all was well.To keep the quality of ads on Facebook high, we are only allowing ads for dating sites to appear on Facebook from advertisers who have Facebook account representatives.

This ensures the manual review and counsel – to show the best ads possible – is in place.

But you won't see a bunch of smaller, niche dating sites advertising there. And they're going to stay banned, Facebook tells Business Insider.

The policy has frustrated a whole range of companies who make small, niche dating sites, like Catholic (for single Christians) and Hi Dine (for restaurant lovers).

The company tells Business Insider: Making sure ads are relevant and high quality is a top priority for us, so we updated our policy a few months ago to require manual review for ads for online dating services.

We got a lot of negative feedback from people about many of these ads, and in some cases they violated various policies.

One of the conspiracy theories currently making the rounds among the smaller dating companies is that the bigger companies have cut a deal with Facebook to carve out smaller companies in return for guaranteed ad spending levels.

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