Aftab shivdasani dating

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Nin Dusanj belongs to a Punjabi family based to London, Nin Dusanj spent 6 year in Hong Kong as she worked as a consultant there.

Aftab and Vikram Bhatt use to share a great friendship bond.

Aftab has finally found love of his life in Nin Dusanj.

He is very protective and happy husband now so there is no chance of dating in his life currently.

After dating Nin, a British-Indian girl for quite a long time, Aftab has married her at a closed door ceremony with only family members as invitees.

Although Aftab and Nin had a private marriage ceremony but the couple is planning to have a big bash at the end of the year in which all their friends and acquaintances will be invited.

After marriage Aftab came back with more positive attitude and energy.

He never said anything about his wife’s debut in Bollywood.She had worked in Hong Kong and has relocated to India permanently for Aftab Shivdasani. I think she has the biggest role in my comeback and my current happy space. She has come and changed the tides of my life — personally and professionally. So I am very lucky, and I am in a very happy space. Nin Dusanj is the younger sister of Parveen Dusanj who is Kabir Bedi's girlfriend. Aamna visited Aftab’s sister who lives in US which indicated that both are ready to take step further.Somehow failure in career leads them to break the relation.Marriage ceremony was a private and only families and close friends ware invited.

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