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We’ve always been great friends, and we have a special relationship, but we’ve never been romantically involved,” Charlie reveals.

So why is he keeping their off-rink romance under wraps?

Belbin and Agosto qualified for the 2002 Olympics by placing second at U. championships, but were not able to go because Belbin was not an American citizen.

Because Belbin started the citizenship process before new rules went into effect, her citizenship would not have been completed before 2007. By this logic, Belbin and Agosto had earned their own spots.

But coming to the rink gives me purpose and clarity."And after a spring and summer of shuttling moving boxes from Detroit to Philadelphia, the couple is now headed to Everett, Wash., for its first major skating competition of the season, Skate America.

It will be there that Belbin and Agosto hope to prove their move was the right choice."I think before we made this move we were unaware of the limitations of where our talents could go," Belbin said.

But Belbin and Agosto managed to break through those barriers. Yet they decided to leave the comforts of home and move to Pennsylvania to train with 1980 Olympic ice dancing champions Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponosov. The main reason is that Belbin and Agosto, the favorites entering the 2008 World Championships in March, failed to finish on the podium for the first time in four years.

Not only had they captured five national titles, but they also reached the world podium three times and won an Olympic silver medal, the highest finish ever for a U. Belbin suffered a costly fall in the compulsory round and the duo finished fourth overall."I think Skate America will give us credibility."Belbin and Agosto had trained in suburban Detroit for 10 years, starting back when they were competing at the junior level.For all of those years, they worked with the most successful U. ice dancing coach, Igor Shpilband, and in the later years with Marina Zoueva, as well.Not able to find a good partner in Canada, Belbin moved to Detroit, where she was partnered with Benjamin Agosto.They had early success, winning the bronze at World Juniors in their first competitive season.“Obviously [Meryl and I] get a lot of questions about whether the two of us are dating, and that’s a good thing, because that means we’re doing our job out on the ice.

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