Aislinn paul and munro chambers dating

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Aislinn paul and munro chambers dating - cchris826 canada dating

As Degrassi‘s angstiest super-couple, Eli (Munro Chambers) and Clare (Aislinn Paul) are no strangers to drama.

It's awkward enough when your mom marries the dad of one of your high school classmates, but what about when that classmate is your ex-boyfriend? Read More It’s time to choose: Should Clare give Eli a second chance, or move on with Jake? There’s a food fight brewing at Degrassi, and it’s about to get delicious.”They’ve been having a lot of problems lately,” Munro points out.“Their relationship may end in a very detrimental way.”But he’s also quick to remind us just how unpredictable “Eclare” can be.“Or things may get even better [for Eli and Clare],” he says.And a flare for Eli.“She’s a very awkward character,” Munro says of Imogen.“She knows everything about Eli, and we don’t know why.You still get most of the rap, but not the lovely intro in which Aislinn Paul drops the beat from the computer in the background.)Enjoy: Click here to view the embedded video.

Ok, Degrassi writers, there’s your blueprint for season 12 — Owen, » - Andy Swift Read our interview with Munro Chambers & check out an exclusive clip from tonight’s season finale of ‘Degrassi! On the April 22 season finale, Eli takes Clare’s (Aislinn Paul) comments about not liking his car to heart by destroying it for her — while he’s behind the wheel!

There’ll be a few new faces roaming the hallways when Degrassi returns for its 11th season July 18 — and it won’t be long before they find themselves sucked into Clare (Aislinn Paul) and Eli’s (Munro Chambers) drama!

I got a chance to meet Justin Kelly, who plays good-guy Jake, and Chloe Rose, who plays uptight-girl Katie, during a recent trip to the show’s Toronto set, to find out what their characters are all about.“He’s usually an easy-going person,” Justin says of Jake, who actually has quite a bit of history with Clare.

If there is, it certainly wasn’t featured on Degrassi‘s April 15 episode, which highlighted three of the school’s most dysfunctional pairings. (Charlotte Arnold) ended things with Sav (Raymond Ablack); K. (Sam Earle) and Jenna (Jessica Tyler) fought about their unborn child; and Clare (Aislinn Paul) decided she and Eli (Munro Chambers) needed a break…

you know, so she wouldn’t end up dead like his last girlfriend.

’ Degrassi has mourned the loss of quite a few students over the past 10 seasons, so is death-obsessed Eli (Munro Chambers) the next to join the likes of Rick and J. Munro tells Hollywood exactly how worried we should all be for Eli…“I don’t think Eli wants to die,” Munro teases.