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In recent months, different frameworks for political dialogue have been drafted by the UNA representing 12 ethnic parties and also by the United Nationalities Federal Council which represents 11 armed groups.

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It is far more complex than a simple word like ‘democracy’.As widely used as it is in modern Burmese political literature, at least the subject is not an isolated matter to many journalists and writers in Burma, also known as Myanmar, regardless of their/our insightful knowledge on the issue.The issue could go back to the early 1940s and up to the late 1970s, prior to a popular uprising for a democratic movement in 1988.Electoral political alliances: An Electoral Alliance among the 60 Ethnic Parties was formed by the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA): 8 ethnic parties loosely allied to the NLD – dating back to 1990, Nationalities Brotherhood Federation (NBF): of the 23 ethnic parties – formed in January 2001, Federal Democratic Alliance (FDA) and another 9 (possibly 10) ethnic parties – formed in January 2014 as an alternative political force to the ethnic people while the country is seeking to restore peace.It has been a long peace process in the country initiative since the early 1990s but it failed to sustain energy until the late 2010s.However, ethnic armed insurgency leaders found their own ways in times of need when they were united for a common purpose; on the fighting for liberation.

Ethnic leaders, in both camps of armed insurgencies and non-armed political forces use the word ‘alliance’ in Burmese as ‘ma-ha-mitt’.

The list is about to be named a visible establishment in the public arena.

The rhetoric and substance shall be examined to this establishment in the context of political transition, at least to the self-proclaimed ‘self-determination’ at large by these ethnic leaders.

In addition to the NDF, the FDA will consist of the Democratic Party (Myanmar), Democracy and Peace Party, Party for Unity and Peace, Union Democratic Party, Kayin (Karen) People’s Party, Peace and Diversity Party, United Democratic Party, and Chin Development Party.

Historically, the armed insurgency built the alliance in a different time for a different purpose and can be dated back to 1970 when the exiled Prime Minister U Nu had contacted the Karen and Mon insurgency leaders on the Thailand border.

In theory, the alliance is a matter of choice, not a principle of political objective to the ethnic leaders in terms of armed insurgencies against the previous military government from the late 1950s to the late 2010s.

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