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The University of Oxford carbon dating service charges £450 - not including taxes - per sample [4]Anything you want dating has to have been alive at some point and of course, the dating only tells you the age of the material, not when the object was made (eg a piece of wooden furniture may have been made from a much older tree).In terms of sample size, they only need to be very small and according to this company [1], they can usually take samples unobtrusively.

C dating service is for samples yielding at least 0.5 mg of carbon after chemical pretreatment (often acid-alkali-acid treatment of organic material).Ocean water circulation ANSTO researchers used radiocarbon dating of coral samples collected in 1836 from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands to gain valuable insights into the upward movement of deep ocean waters in the north-western Indian Ocean.Continental glacial cycles Researchers have tested for beryllium-10 and aluminium-26 in exposed rocks to date the ebb and flow of alpine glacier systems in the southern hemisphere over the past 100,000 years.The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Group operates the AMS resources at ANSTO, including the measurement capabilities at the Australian National Tandem for Applied Research (ANTARES), the two million volt tandem accelerator STAR and sample processing and target preparation in the AMS chemistry laboratories.Radiocarbon carbon-14 dating is a well-known method for determining the age of materials up to the age of 50,000 years.Age and origin of ground water Radiocarbon and tritium analyses provide age-related information about the water from sandstone aquifers in the Sydney Basin assisted water authorities to identify groundwater sources that might be exploited sustainably.

Regional and global climate variability Measurement of carbon-14 and stable isotopes in southern hemisphere tree rings, cave structures and corals provided researchers information on variations in atmospheric transport, ocean water circulation and rainfall over the last 15 000 years.

The precision of radiocarbon dates for recent samples (younger than 2000 years) is better than 0.4% which equals /-35 years for the 1-σ statistical uncertainty of the measured age.

The uncertainty changes according to the age of the sample and will be larger for older material.

ANSTO's ability to analyse your samples for long-lived, naturally-occurring radioisotopes opens up a huge range of dating and tracing applications.

ANSTO's researchers can accurately measure these radionuclides in natural archives such as ice-core air bubbles, tree rings, corals, speleothems, rocks as well as marine and lacustrine sediments.

The carbon dating of the Turin Shroud used samples weighing around 50mg.

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