Arab jewish mixed dating

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Arab jewish mixed dating - rules about dating while separated

A crowd of Israeli supporters also gathered opposite the Lehava protestors, holding a counter-demonstration as a show of support for the couple.Israel's president Reuven Rivlin himself congratulated the couple, whilst denouncing Lehava's incitement as akin to 'rodents gnawing under the shared democratic and Jewish foundation of Israel.'At the wedding of his own daughter in 2014, Mr Gopstein said were an Arab waiter to be found at the venue, the waiter 'would likely be looking for the closest hospital', according to the New York Times.

When Jewish supermodel Rafaeli dated Roman Catholic Hollywood star Di Caprio in 2010, Baruch Marzel, the head of Jewish National Front wrote to Ms Rafaeli on behalf of Lehava, urging her not to 'dilute the Jewish race.'Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder who is an atheist with Jewish roots, faced a similar predicament when, in 2012, he married non-Jewish Priscilla Chan.In a recording of the hotline obtained by Mail Online this week, the group has dropped the specific demand for informers and instead advertises martial arts seminars for the training of the 'Jewish Honour Guard'.It also advertises upcoming protests together with 'La Familia', a notoriously racist football hooligan group who support 'Beitar Jerusalem' - the only football club in Israel's premier league which has never signed an Arab player.And if you marry a non-Jew, it just means 'I don't give a rat's ass about what God says -I want to be like everyone else who don't have a God.'Founded in 2009, Lehava means 'the flame', and is also an acronym in Hebrew for 'Preventing Assimilation in the Holy Land'.For the activists, a relationship between a Jew and a non-Jew is a Biblical sin - and something to be fought against.Rotund, bearded and wearing a large yarmulke, he scrolls patiently through his smartphone whilst sitting in a Jerusalem hotel foyer, showing an example of an email received through Lehava's Hotline.'We get about 10 calls a day, from all over Israel,' he says.

'A few days ago, I got this: 'my 15 and a half year old daughter met a guy, she then met him again on a Friday and now she won't answer the phone - and she doesn't want to come home'.

When asked about this by the Mail Online, Mr Gopstein claimed he was referring to Christian missionaries, not all Christians.

However, when asked whether he thought Christian places of worship can remain in the holy land, Mr Gopstein said that 'All the big rabbis in Halacha (religious laws in the Torah), including Rambam,say there's no place for churches in Israel.' The area where Gopstein says he wants ' to do more' is in the volatile tinderbox compound where the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock shrine stand in the Old City Jerusalem, known as 'Temple Mount' by Jews and 'Haram al Sharif' by Muslims.

Racist extremists who set up a 'hotline' to inform on Jews in a relationship with 'Arabs' and who targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are openly peddling hate and violence - but the Israeli government won't act.

Lehava, a radical fringe group in Israel, hunts down people sleeping with 'goys' - or non-Jews '- then 'persuades' them to separate, attacks Christians as 'vampires' and 'bloodsuckers' and is justifying attacks on churches using the Bible.

Then they started shouted 'Arabs beware',' says Giora, explaining that his groups pressured the police to clamp down on those slogans too.'I did this because we cannot as a country allow racist phenomena to endanger in a substantial way the fabric of life here.

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