Are wheesung and gummy still dating

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Are wheesung and gummy still dating - dating chat men and women

[ 11, -3] Results wise, it is pretty sad what happened.

I did remember reading an article that he did date someone (around his army discharge) perhaps that person broke his heart. yes but he said since his army discharge* (I missed up on that part, read it too fast) so it couldn't be about Ivy if he said SINCE*.Wheesung is VERY sensitive like me, we just can't get over things which is why he should date me.BUT Wheesung is not referring to IVY because that shit happened in 2007 and he said he the last time he dated was since his army discharge which was in 2013. He most likely isn't over his ex in he dated since his army discharge of 2013* Now please support Wheesung (not his last track though I dn't like it either) Wheesung is the man that got Ivy to her peak, he wrote and helped compose her only hit "Sonata of Temptation" and apparently some other songs. Ivy had a ring on her finger (forgot which finger) and she told Wheesung that it was from her mom not knowing she was a liar and a cheater and had a boyfriend WHILE she was dating Wheesung. He's capable in singing, dancing, rapping, and composing and writing songs. [ 24, -1] Seeing as how he's still friends with Gummy, he seems to be the type to go all out when he's dating so he has no regrets?? I've noticed his throat condition is back and his skills have always been top notch. [ 29, -3] Yeah and his music got weirder because of it too 7.Should've just kept dating Wheesung or gotten married. Still, you can't deny that Ivy was in the wrong that time 100 times over. [ 8, -3] Well considering that Ivy was once the top female singer of her time and is now basically nothing... Her ex even SHREDDED Wheesung's album from 2007 and threatened her to leak their sex tape which turned out to be fake...

I think he got arrested afterward and Wheesung was left hurt in the end.The two have been dating for two years after being introduced to each other by a friend, and have been nurturing their love and trust for each other with their common interest in music.Their intimate relationship has already been well known between entertainment insiders and close friends. [ 570, -8] Hul ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone thought he had something going on with Shin Min Ah when he was on Running Man ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what an unexpected couple9. [ 459, -5] Surprised that they've been dating for two years.. i was disappointed with his comment about how he really only wanted to do movies and musicals were just a step to get there, but i don't think he's said anything problematicalthough this shatters by wheesung-gummy ship D:lulz i think if they dated for two years and suddenly they're quick to admit their relationship i think they might be heading for marriage soon it's okay i'm okay with the idea of having a live example of exes can be friends situation : D i will let my ship goooooo Get it unnie!“Although they can’t have ordinary dates like any other normal couple, they spend time with each other when they aren’t busy and take good care of each other.”The two have been supporting each other for quite a while in their own subtle ways. Gummy, especially, has been to most of the VIP previews of her lover’s movies, most recently in September for the movie “My Love, My Bride.”The two are similar in the fact that they have earned the reputation as hard working professionals in their own fields of expertise. His latest musical “Blood Brothers” received much love, and all of its shows were sold out. We don't know their private personalities, they could totally be birds-of-a-feather/twinsies in real life..just have great sex.