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Asian dating site los angeles

The Disneyland California Adventure Park, created during one of the expansions, holds even more action and adventure, with seven lands based on movie themes.

The hillside Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Theatre can easily fill a day or two of sightseeing.

Just outside Los Angeles, Disneyland is California's premier family vacation destination.

Disneyland Park, with rides and experiences in elaborately created theme sets, is what most people picture when they imagine Disneyland.

Griffith Park, in the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains, and covering an area of 4,210 acres, is the largest state park in California.

The park is home to the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, a planetarium, a Greek theater, a riding center created for the 1984 Olympic Games, golf courses, tennis courts, hiking trails, and other attractions.

For families, nearby Disneyland and Universal Studios are key destinations that often warrant repeat visits.

Regardless of your interests, Los Angeles makes a perfect getaway.Also on display are a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus.The museum deals with the natural history of California and areas throughout the world.Sun seekers coming to enjoy the warm climate and beaches will find all kinds of things to do and interesting neighborhoods to explore.Recent upgrades to the public transportation network and the addition of a bike share program in downtown LA have made getting around and sightseeing easier than ever.You can use the telescopes free each evening the facility is open.