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So, who do you want to see Victoria end up with now … What do you think about Amelia’s heartfelt comments on Melody Thomas Scott and Billy Miller?Are you excited to see if Y&R makes Amelia and incoming Kelly, Cady Mc Clain on-screen arch-enemies?

You have the same mannerisms, the same personality.” I was like, ‘Yeah, Mel’s daughter could be my little sister!You would think that Kelly Monaco’s cast members would be happy for the actress who portrays grifter Sam Morgan on GH – after all she’s only had one relationship in her life, with high school boyfriend Mike Gonzalez.But Mike treated her horribly and left Monaco brokenhearted.’ I know her because sometimes she comes on as an extra on the show. Anyway, Melody has always been lovely to me and she threw me a baby shower for my son, Rowe. She is like my mom, sort of, and Eric is sort of turning into my dad!(Laughs) But Melody blows me away and surprises me.One of the reasons I stay on the show is because Melody and Eric are here and I love him.

I truly feel so connected to them now, and it would be like losing a family member if I left. I think David Tom is doing a fine job, but I wasn’t prepared for how it would hit me, because it happened so fast. (Laughs) The party turned out so nice and cute and we did the video for him which went online.” It was a big challenge for me, and it is going to take time. I did not realize how great she is, but she is really good.But nobody is ever going to replace Billy Miller in my heart. He does work.’ It took a lot from me to make my half of it work, so I knew how committed he was to the work. Where do you think the on-screen dynamic now between Billy and Victoria is headed? then there was “that kiss” between “Stitch” and Victoria! AMELIA: I don’t know now where things are headed with Victoria and Billy as it looks like their relationship may just crumble! And what do you think about her recast (since Cynthia is leaving the show), the one and only Cady Mc Clain? She is my kind of actress, and she would have been a great cast member to add to the show, but I know Cady Mc Clain. I think we worked briefly together on AMELIA: I wish something bigger would have happened to Victoria from the fallout of all this.Have you enjoyed Amelia’s performances during and post Delia’s death and the fallout from that storyline? Tags: Amelia Heinle, billy miller, cady mcclain, cbs, Cynthia Watros, David Tom, eric braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, On-Air On-Soaps Interview, Sean Carrigan, The Young and the Restless, Victoria Newman On the eve of the 2017 Grammy Awards, Michael Fairman performed a medley of the late George Michael's hits in his tribute video to the pop icon, who's music had a profound impact on his life. Then let us know what you thought of it in the comment section below the video.In today’s “General Hospital” spoilers, we look at the trouble that Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller’s offscreen romance is causing with their castmates.It’s the most fun I have ever had on a soap in my career. I do work hard.” I meant it in a way like he is one of those guys that just has it and so the performance comes so easily … Now while working with Sean Carrigan, we are very eager to figure out this whole thing, and to see where our characters are coming from, but he has seamlessly gotten into the storyline. I wish she would have developed a drinking problem, because Victoria never really falls apart.

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