Bsd pkgupdating

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This kernel will not be updated: you MUST update the kernel manually before running #!

utilities for managing and upgrading software from the local system or from a web browser or mobile device.

If you change the port number, make sure it does not conflict with another application running on the system. You will be prompted to input your password to save the configuration.

When using App Cafe® to access a system from a public network, it is highly recommended to configure the local firewall to only allow connections over the specified port number and from allowed IP address(es).

/bin/sh CSUP=`which csup` CONFFILE="/root/share/csup/stable-supfile" FASTEST_CVSUP=`which fastest_cvsup` if [ ! (, RELENG_X, , "", freebsd-update .) c) , , , (misc/compat Nx), N - Free BSD, .

-z $ ]; then if SERVER=`fastest_cvsup -q -c ru`; then $ -h $SERVER $ fi else echo fastest_cvsup not found, using directly $ -g -z $ fi a) , freebsd-update, : "to-".

Пришлось удалить apr1 вместе со всеми пакетами, которые от него зависят, ипоставить заново.

Тогда поставился правильный apr1.send-pr IMHO слать бесполезно, воспроизвести вышеописанное вряд ли возможно.

The rest of this chapter demonstrates how to use the built-in graphical and command-line tools for managing software and upgrades.

It also describes how to App Cafe® provides an intuitive, graphical method for installing and managing software.

You will then be prompted to input the configured username and password.

The App Cafe® interface will load in the web browser.

Since True OS® is a command-line only install and some users prefer to use command-line utilities, both PC-BSD® and True OS® provide the pkg command line utility to manage software, as well as pc-updatemanager to manage updates.

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