Challengers in accommodating the needs in developing country

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Challengers in accommodating the needs in developing country - Free xxxweb cam

Whether countries are able to seize the benefits associated with a slowdown of population growth, as well as the benefits that can derive from population ageing, depends on a commitment to investment in human capital throughout the life course.Indeed, the development of human capital is important at all stages of the life course.

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How to address the challenges and harness the opportunities of population dynamics to promote sustainable development Population dynamics are the result of individual choices and opportunities.

Fiscal policies, social protections and non financial support systems for families can influence decisions about family size.

A human rights approach is also crucial in migration policies, which should be designed in full respect for, and protection of, the human rights of migrants and migrant workers.

Population growth, in particular, places increasing pressures on the planet’s resources -- water, forests, land and the earth’s atmosphere -- contributing to climate change and challenging environmental sustainability.

However, population dynamics do not only affect critical development objectives; they are themselves affected by social, economic and environmental changes.

These population dynamics influence development at the national and sub-national levels, but also at regional and global levels.

Thus, the challenge of the century is to solve the problem of meeting the increasing needs and expectations of a growing population while at the same time modifying the current production and consumption patterns to achieve a more sustainable development model and address the links between development and rapid population change.They also help to combat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, which continue to claim millions of lives every year.Rights-based and gender-responsive policies are also critical in a context of low fertility and rapid population ageing or population decline.Human rights-based and gender-responsive policies, such as promoting universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights, including voluntary family planning, and to education, including comprehensive sexuality education, can make a world of difference for people and societies.Together, these measures help to avoid unwanted pregnancies, reduce teenage pregnancies, curb infant and maternal mortality, and reduce gender-based violence and unsafe abortions.How the post-2015 development agenda should reflect the actions needed to harness the opportunities that population dynamics present to sustainable development Excellencies, In today’s world there is no place for coercive measures of population control or for setting demographic targets.

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