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MP3: “London“ – HYMNS from HYMNS on Facebook Cesar Maria (aka Sayzar Mareuh) is a New York City indie rock artist who is heavily influenced by a variety of genres including classic rock and post punk.

The other band members, all in their mid-20s, include frontman and guitarist Nick Hopton, drummer John Lamplugh and bassist Addison Scott.“Our live show contains programmed industrial lighting, extensive guitar effects, percussion, and layered reverbs,” says guitarist Ryan Holquist.The band’s new self-titled debut EP features the band’s piano-driven, epic, and sprawling sounds, oozing with melodies and harmonies of indie rock with post rock influences on songs like “Shade,” and the awesome vocal work of bassist John Ptak, who has a mighty vocal range that enhances, not dilutes, the song itself.Their amazing track, “The Touch,” with it’s gritty, attitude-oozing, even somewhat spooky thrust, is irresistible for anyone that loves stomping, kick-ass rock.The song would be perfect on the soundtrack of HBO’s series Band members Sam Getz on guitar and vocals; Jimmy Weaver on bass; Mikey Gould on drums and Brett Lindemann on keys are all competent and accomplished musicians in their own right, which is part of their appeal.His talents as an artist set him apart from many of his DIY contemporaries. The rebel-rousing, addictive, “Let It On,” from his new self-titled EP, reminds us of something like Bowie, T.

Rex and Violent Femmes all together for one nerdy, rocking glam jam.

Maria’s biggest musical influences also include Neil Young and Gram Parsons, also which are evident in his not-always-easy-to-pin-down sound.

MP3: “Let It On“ – Cesar Maria from Cesar Maria on Facebook Quirky indie chamber pop with sweeping and triumphant swells of ringing guitars, crunchy synths, booming percussions, joyous choruses dripping with melodic hooks are the hallmarks of Toronto indie band shy kids‘ indelibly catchy single, “Rockets.” There is a twist though; towards the end of the track, things get a bit chaotic and psychedelic – like in The Beatles’ “No.9” kind of way – with backwards tape winding, sound effects, random voice clips and more before suddenly it stops without warning. Another track, “Terminally In Love With You,” also from the album, , is beautifully melancholic, a total juxtaposition to “Rockets,” yet more evidence of the band’s collective talents.

And it’s no surprise the band are big fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Talent, Weezer, Mac De Marco, and Less Than Jake. “ – Rikashay from The first edition of 5 Bands That Rock for 2016 features a killer collection of rock music from artists and bands from our archives that most of you have probably never heard of until today.

And if you have – damn, you’re up on your DIY bands that rock!

shy kids on Facebook Phoenix indie rockers Huckleberry have managed to drop one of the best DIY singles we’ve heard so far this year – the inspiring and infectious, “Wild Ricky,” off of the band’s new EP, . Another track, “Shasta,” an ode to the beautiful majesty of Mt.