Daren kagasoff dating history

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Daren kagasoff dating history

He also says that he trusts Tara never to fall in love with anyone he brings into their bed for casual sex.Ryan considers Christian and Tara's casual notions towards sex scandalous but refuses to condemn the two.

Christian asks Tara if she would have sex with Ryan if she could.Christian refuses and the argument ends abruptly when the man from the dating app arrives.Christian orders him to get naked, recording the stripping on his phone and then places it on the couch to record the young man masturbating, while he watches Christian perform oral sex on Tara.Meanwhile, at their apartment, Ryan accuses Gina of wanting to have a four-way with Tara and Christian while sending a text on his phone to an unknown party for a meeting the next day.Gina denies wanting to have sex with Tara or her boss, and points out that Tara did not even talk to her at work until she found out about the movie project her friend was working on, which led to the two becoming friends and getting Christian to finance the film.Gina then gets a call from Christian, who is then told of Tara's decision to stay in Los Angeles.

The film then cuts to Ryan, who is seen doing a photo shoot in swim trunks and desperately looking to get extra hours tending a bar in order to make extra money.Tara chides Ryan for texting her, as Christian has a habit of going through her phone's texts and call log to monitor her activities.Ryan, still bitter over their break-up, accuses Tara of degrading herself for a life of luxury and accuses Christian of forcing Tara to degrade herself sexually.Unbeknownst to them , Christian has followed Tara to the house where they are having sex.Christian goes straight to Gina's friend John, who is in charge of the special effects for the film and is in a relationship with the film's producer.As they get dressed, Christian is forced out of the house by an upset Cynthia.

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