Dating a felon ok

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Dating a felon ok - Dating rpg games for adults

I hooked up with my man a month after he was released. Right now, we have a temporary joint custody arrangement. We are going through a bitter custody battle right now, and his main reason of why he wants custody of our daughter is because my boyfriend did time. My boyfriend has a daughter of his own, who he has visitiation with. My boyfriend and I are very serious about each other.

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The only thing you have to trade on with a divorce judge is your credibility. His crime had nothing to do with children or domestic violence.My soon to be ex, has asked the judge to put an temporary order in to me that I can't bring my daughter around my boyfriend.That tells the judge that you are being responsible and looking out for your kids, not just getting into a relationship for selfish reasons. he already tried to get him thrown in jail early and doesnt approve of him/thinks he's bad for our son... If you are living together, that brings in a whole slew of things.It's the 21st century, except in the courtroom.ok, hope people still read this... not sure the proper way on that since we were never married anyway! Your ex will have to prove that this new man poses a danger to your child(ren).They can't handle losing you - much less to a felon so they do what they can to control you and make themselves feel better without regard to the children. My ex is having a fit and he took All my kids and left my 3 older ones at a grandparents house without calling.

I thought he was going to visit family and bring them back.I got my 3 older ones back because he has no legal right...Sad thing is the law doesn't consider what he did abandonment because I gave him permission to take them up there...My soon to be ex-husband has put a court issued restraining order against my boyfriend from having any contact with my daughter, but I think if my boyfriend and I eventually got married. That is what I have heard.iznam - From what you've said, it seems that you have nothing to worry about.New York Family Court is known for not being very "father friendly" when it comes to issues like this.Because your guys crime had nothing to do with children or domestic violence, a judge may not give him what he's asking for. Yasmeen That situation is exactly what I am worried about. I can see it in my ex's eyes that he is curious as to who this new love in my life is.