Dating a man with money

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Dating a man with money - Camchatroulette

Rich men don’t usually like dating other rich men’s discarded goods, especially women with negative reputations.

Married men who secretly date other women rarely leave their wives.

You may have acquired a few expensive things, but you are older, have a reputation for dating married men and for being a gold digger, who is willing to put up with anything for money.

I can’t imagine any scenario where that is a good idea.

If they were going to do it, they would have done it already, so they wouldn’t have to sneak around.

No matter how many times he tells you he loves you, and that you just have to be patient and give him some time, he isn’t going to leave his wife. Don’t start with a married man and you won’t have to regret ending it.

He plans on spending the holidays with his family and may not have time to get away to see you, but don’t think of flying home to see your family.

He wants you available “just in case.” Many a lonely night will be spend waiting “just in case.” If you don’t like it, just remember: his money, his rules.

In other words, there is no guarantee that he is who he says he is. ” Do you want a guy with a private jet who has homes in several countries, or will you settle for someone who has a great job, a house and vacations in wonderful places?

Do you want your jewelry from Tiffany’s and Cartier or will diamonds from the local jeweler suffice?

Be aware then, that a dating website catering to “millionaires” might have some or all of the following clientele: Men who have physical, social or mental problems Men who have trouble getting dates might have unappealing characteristics.

You have to ask yourself, “How much am I willing to tolerate in order to be around wealth?

Remember the show, “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?

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