Dating a salvadoran man

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Dating a salvadoran man

“When we began this struggle, everyone told us we had to proceed slowly.We have to think that this law will take, as a minimum, 20 years.

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“They were carrying an enormous weight because we would tell the ones on the right that they were with the left and vice versa.

But ultimately they all made the agenda of the feminist movement theirs.

“When we presented our plan to the Fund for Gender Equality we committed ourselves to an effective advocacy, but we couldn't promise the law would pass because that wasn't in our hands.

At the same time, women represent 76.8 percent of the inactive economic population.

Of these, 42.8 percent are categorized as engaging in “home work.

The work the activists engage in is constant and meticulous.

They have begun to give educational workshops for local female leaders and functionaries from some institutions using a vernacular version of the law.

“We organized an international forum in August in order to share experiences in the implementation of laws and that cleared up a lot of things for us.

Furthermore, the women's movement has signed an agreement with the Salvadoran Institute for Women's Development (ISDEMU) to develop a plan for achieving equality.

“We have taken steps forward and steps back, but at a certain point we reached the conclusion that, although it would take a lot of time — for this law — to come out, the most important thing was to get the support of the citizens, remembers María Elena Alvarado of the Concertación Prudencia Ayala, an organization that combines more than 20 women's groups including , two lead grantee partner organizations of the Fund for Gender Equality who played a crucial role in this process.

With the objective of achieving gender equality, activists began a program to record the demands of as many women as possible, from rural women to domestic workers, from professionals to the politically active. Then we set about reading gender equality laws from other countries and we realized that we were not versed on legal matters. We sought out alliances with women from all walks of life.

“At this time we are united, but with us as the monitoring agents of public financing for the law, and them as guiders of the law, because we are the ones who know it point by point. However, other articles that were included in the initial formulation of the law, like provisions for participation quotas for women in elected positions and the secularization of education, were not included in the final version.