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May 1775 it was decided that the trademark/brand/factory stamp should consist of three wavy lines (waves), symbolizing the three waterways through Denmark; the Sound and the two belts (the Sound (Oresund)), the Great Belt and the Little Belt).The trademark has been used with little variations ever since the founding and every single piece of porcelain produced by Royal Copenhagen has been stamped with the three waves.

are all items we do not currently store at our warehouse.

Many seasoned collectors consider their identification and price guide an invaluable reference and refer to it often.

Just as there are many different types of Royal Doulton products, there are also different kinds of price guides.

Whether you are a serious collector of Doulton figurines or want a couple of cute Toby Jugs to decorate a shelf, having an up to date Royal Doulton price guide helps you to make an informed buying decision based on the current market price.

From its early beginning in 1815, the London-based Doulton Company grew to become one of the most well known pottery companies in the world.

By looking at the small green lines/spots above or under a letter in the trademark you are able to determine the year of production and thereby the age of the porcelain item. on items produced in 1935, the green spot/line is placed above the first letter in the company name (R).

The three waves are still part of the design just not shown on the picture for this purpose.

For almost 200 years, Doulton products have been considered to be among the finest in quality and craftsmanship.

The beautiful ceramic pieces being produced by Doulton & Company in the late 1800s were noticed by the British Royal family including Queen Victoria.

We are therefore depending of the various suppliers, dealers and collectors and the time of delivery is only an estimate.

In some situations it can be impossible for DPH Trading to predict the exact time of delivery if the items are specially ordered or customised.

You can also save freight cost by collecting your order at our shop in Odense, Denmark.

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