Dating places in kathmandu

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To know more about Kakani: Click Here Here, We showed you the top dating spots in Kathmandu.Yes, the destination matters when we talk about dates, but your mood and your compatibility can never be ignored.

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Hi, I am person who loves adventure, literature and good wholesome food. I always like to help anyone, think about their betterment and well being before mine. There are many mesmerizing views of waterfalls where you can get a perfect snap as a memory.You can have a break from the city life without going far from the valley.Everyone is well tuned in about this place as it is the most admired dating spots in Kathmandu, also named as ‘lover’s park’.A beautiful landscape and a place of beauty is what chobar is all about.It’s feasible for every couple as it is near to the city area.

Once you reach there you can see the whole Kathmandu valley from the top.

Even if you seek privacy there are many restaurants and cottages where you can spend quality time with your loves ones.

To know more about Chovar( Manjushree Park): Click Here Taudaha is the place where you can actually spend your entire day without getting bored with your date. If you are fond of fish feeding, then it’s really fun to see those fish fight for the food you give.

This place is also famous for one of the top dating places in Kathmandu.

A gorgeous hill top for a perfect sightseeing makes kakani a good destination to enjoy with your love.

There are places to eat like restaurant or cottages, which gives you a perfect view of the pond. To know more about Taudaha: Click here Many people know about this place as it is in the busy streets of Kathmandu and really famous among couples. They provide you with mats to lie on the fresh grass and look at the clear blue sky.