Dating point blankets

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Dating point blankets - dating relationships puerto rican and white

Each type of wool maintains different characteristics that give the Hudson Bay Blanket its uniqueness that can never be duplicated.

It was passed down from their grandparents, and they remember having sleepovers as a kid and then receiving the blanket as a housewarming gift to provide them with memories of their childhood.

When I was getting married I told my father that I was going to take both blankets with me.

He was convinced that my new husband and one blanket would be quite enough to keep me warm, so he got to keep the other!

So make sure when you purchase your Hudson's Bay Blanket it is an original. When I was 3 months old my parents bought three tickets for 25 cents on a raffle for a church group fundraiser.

First Prize was a red HBC blanket with four black stripes - that could be cut in the centre to make two blankets. All HBC blankets used to be packaged and sold this way, and were only separated at the time of sale - Ed.) Both blankets are still in the family.

When you want the best, there is nothing that will compare to these wool blankets.

100% Authentic, is proud to be the #1 Dealer in the United States for Hudson's Bay Blankets, and can offer discounts to our valued customers because of our buying power.

At, we also carry Hudson's Bay Throws.

These Capote Throws have every bit of the recognizable color and design of the original Hudson's Bay point blankets but has been brought forward into these smaller, room friendly throws.

Many people are led to believe that the points stood for the number of beaver pelts that were required to obtain the blanket. Points ranged from 1 to 6, increasing by halves depending upon the size and weight of the blanket.

A 4 Point required 4 pelts where as an 8 Point required 8 pelts. Each blanket was graded as to weight and size using a point system. The number of points represented the overall finished size of the blanket, not its value in terms of beaver pelts. A 4 Point is a Twin, a 6 Point is a Queen, and an 8 Point is a King Size.

When my own children were preparing to leave home there were many discussions about who should get to take the blanket with them. After all, if their grandfather were to pass on the other blanket would come to me.

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