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The only thing she had left is a memento ring of her mother. The next day, she met Himeka Kujyou, who's actually Kazune's cousin. She refused and after her ring glows, she runs away.When she was crying in front of Shii-chan's grave, she met a cool boy named Kazune Kujyou. The next day, everything becomes the way she wants it to.

Koge-Donbo* admits in volume one at the point of Karin's "I am God" was to have her say something childish.When she was crying, missing him, suddenly he appears, just like the first time they met.Kazune told her that he has been in ICU for 2 weeks, being cured by Kazusa Kujyou.During those times her cat Shi-chan was a pillar of support.But, a few months prior to the beginning of the story, Shi-chan had died. But when he knows that she has the ring, he stops her and asks her if he can "investigate" her ring.All of them finally reunited and it all became normal again.

It's also revealed that Karin is Suzuka Kujyou who's Professor Kujyou's wife.Kazune helps her later, when Kirio attacked her, but suddenly, she became a god (kamika) and finally both of them defeated Kirio.A year later, she met Himeka and Kazune again, since they already stayed for a while last year and have to go back to their town.Each special volume is accompanied by booklets which contain whole extra chapters to the story (usually the information in these extra chapters is supplementary, and not critical, to the main story).(Main Article List of Kamichama Karin Chapters) An anime of Kamichama Karin debuted in Japan on April 6, 2007.Kamichama Karin was originally a two chapter one-shot manga, according to Koge-Donbo*.

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