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Here's an example to demonstrate: Another gotcha I encountered: like __construct and __desctruct, you must call parent::__clone() yourself from inside a child's __clone() function.The manual kind of got me on the wrong foot here: "An object's __clone() method cannot be called directly." That will insure any object, or array that may potentially contain objects, will get cloned without using recursion or other support methods.

, , Google Play , Google Maps, Google Cloud Messaging . To illustrate this process, the following example codes seems better, comparing the the original version:class Sub Objectclass My Cloneable$obj = new My Cloneable();$obj-object2 = new Sub Object();$obj2 = clone $obj;print("Original Object:\n");print_r($obj);echo '';print("Cloned Object:\n");print_r($obj2);==================the output is as below Original Object: My Cloneable Object( [object1] = @DPBI believe the two functions are not quite the same.The serialize followed by deserialize method is the way I've done deep cloning in other languages (bypasses any weird clone function behavior and ensures you have a no-strings-attached copy of the object).Однако, даже в этот момент, над ними можно совершать такие же манипуляции, как и с элементами, которые находятся на странице.Например, относительно предыдущего примера можно сделать следующее: По умолчанию, копии элементов не будут содержать обработчиков событий и данных, которыми обладали оригиналы.По этому используйте данный механизм только в тех случаях, когда это необходимо.

Creating a copy of an object with fully replicated properties is not always the wanted behavior.It was relatively simple, really: public function __clone() Note, that I was working with a multi-dimensional array and I was not using the Key= It should go without saying that if you have circular references, where a property of object A refers to object B while a property of B refers to A (or more indirect loops than that), then you'll be glad that clone does NOT automatically make a deep copy!I think it's relevant to note that __clone is NOT an override.В этой статье я рассмотрю простой способ создания резервной копии жесткого диска с системой и последующее его восстановление с помощью инструмента Clonezilla.Для начала, скачиваем образ iso c официального сайта Поэтому повторяться не буду.There IS however a non-programmatic ways to tell if an object property is value or reference type: I interpret this as the reference-count jumping from 2 straight to 0. It IS possible to create a reference with a reference count of 1 - i.e.

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