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Leggere accuratamente il seguente Accordo prima di accedere al sito Membri MSI.Accedendo o usando il sito Membri MSI si accetta di essere vincolati dai termini e dalle condizioni sotto enunciate, come se l’accordo fosse stato firmato. Accordo Questo accordo definisce i diritti e gli obblighi del membro.

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You can read more at cassiebrewer.and follow her on twitter @Cassiembrewer Having nasty and dark bags under your eyes is certainly NOT a great way to start the day!

We alpha boomers, now fifty plus but nowhere near matronly, are rockin’ on and still flaunting our famously bodacious spirit and style. We ladies can be deservedly proud of our shared history and far-reaching accomplishments. Read More As a post-50 job-seeker, you know all too well that ageism presents some major barriers to your success.

The determined women of our generation drove through legislation that reversed centuries of discrimination and forever altered the role of being born female in this country. Younger hiring managers are far too prone to believing unfortunate stereotypes about your skill sets, fit within the organization and attitude. If so, ask yourself the following: How certain are you that your responses will make the grade?

Roadblock #1: Technology Negative preconception: Your technical skills are deficient and … Do you realize that, once you turn fifty, you’ve lived 18, 250 days on this earth?

That’s an amazing number—even for a milestone birthday.

In fact, this woman is on a mission to ensure that our golden years are truly golden in every way. How might you best position yourself as a knowledgeable insider — someone who can be counted on to hit the ground running?

In order to present yourself well at a job interview, it goes without saying that you need to prepare in detail. This guest post was graciously written by make-up professional, Cassie Brewer.I feel like I could make a fortune if I put him on Ebay I did flat-out tell him that, if he wanted to be surrounded by interested women, he should go to America. Hello and welcome to THE FEISTY SIDE OF FIFTY,™ the site that celebrates a truly remarkable generation of women.If so, you have likely faced your share of roadblocks and unfortunate stereotypes based upon your age alone.Yet, despite the discouraging experiences you may have encountered, a post-midlife job search can bring undeniable rewards: renewed energy and vigor, a sense of purpose and a fresh start. if you take the time to review your needs and wants, consider your options and follow your inner guidance to a fulfilling new job. We seek to enrich our lives, spend our time wisely … Se i membri usano altri siti internazionali forniti da MSI, dovranno anche osservare tutte le leggi e normative pertinenti e gli standard e convenzioni della rete Internet del paese specificato nel sito MSI. I membri saranno soggetti a tutte le linee guida e regole pubblicate applicabili a questo servizio, che possono essere aggiornate periodicamente.

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