Dna dating plus

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Dna dating plus - definition of the word intimidating

There were also sections on my paternal and maternal ‘Ancestral Origins’ and ‘Haplogroup Origins’.These showed which countries my matches were in (my maternal matches map according to the HVR2 region of my mt DNA is shown below) and where other members of my haplogroups were located.

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Contact details for my matches had been provided and I could see that an ancestor I shared with one gentleman was born in County Waterford, Ireland, in 1792 – I found this fascinating! For my maternal line I was shown to have 412 ‘HVR1’ and ‘HVR2’ matches (HVR1 and HVR2 indicating different regions of the mt DNA that was analysed), and it was interesting to see that I shared a maternal ancestor with many of them.

My maternal haplogroup was shown to be ‘H’ and upon entering this section, I was given a short description of where my maternal ancestors have migrated from.

A map was provided that showed the migratory paths of all the maternal haplogroups (shown below), and I learned that haplogroup H originated 30 thousand years ago from Africa.

My group had then migrated into Southwest Asia before moving into Europe and across to Northern Spain. Beneath the map was a table of ‘RSRS’ and ‘r CRS’ values – these showed how different my maternal was compared to the deepest common maternal ancestor we all share, and although I got the feeling this table was for advanced users, I thought it was quite interesting.

These sections showed the individuals who I share my paternal and maternal ancestry with - providing they were on the Family Tree DNA database - aka my ‘matches’.

Now if you’re wanting specific countries IE Europe…the Balkans vs Northwest Europe aka Scandinavia, I’d recommend doing their of Australian relatives which is mad! I joined my surname group when my results came in and the project administrator has been exceptional.

Tree builder is Web 1.0 but stable (played around with it but can’t be bothered to upload my tree to it). I’ve been speaking with one mt match – we’re third cousins we think. This is what it wrote back: YSearch and Mitosearch are two websites that are still active for use but are not maintained in any way by our IT department.In summary I found Family Tree DNA to be one of the most advanced genetic ancestry companies I've tested with.Dozens of tools are available and although the help sections omit certain details at times, this provider is a must for those with a passion for genetic genealogy.I was interested to see that at HVR1 level in the maternal section, 2.2% of my matches lived in England, 2.4% in Germany, and 3.4% in Greece!This was surprising as I was expecting my mother's side of the family to have the most matches in England, and don't believe we have any Greek relations.For Y-DNA and mt DNA tests you could analyse more markers for an extra fee, and there was even the option to upload genetic data from another company to Family Tree DNA's family finder database I chose the Y-DNA37 mt DNAPlus combination test to trace both my paternal and maternal ancestry. The combination package I’d chosen said I’d be able to see the individuals I share my paternal ancestry with up to eight generations ago, and those I share my maternal ancestry with up to 28 generations ago.

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