Female dating sim

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Female dating sim - Free sex chat no joing and memberships

People's tastes can be unconventional, and Japan is proof of that alone.

Other free sim games let you experience the real life!

Can Chizuru navigate this maze of mortal danger and political intrigue?

Amidst so much mystery and death, can she find romance?

Over 22 million women worldwide are currently playing a range of romance apps by Japanese app developer Voltage, inspired by Shōjo manga comic books for young girls wildly popular in Japan.

So if you don't fancy reading a romantic novel or watching a chick flick, you might enjoy a new kind of digital escapism by playing an "Otome" romantic dating simulator mobile gaming app.

You're starting out at a school for magic, so you choose classes to learn spells that you can cast in the dungeons.

In the meantime you try to get a date for the dance at the end of the year. You're a young girl from one of three fantasy races, and you choose jobs and classes to raise different skills like cooking and creativity.It's your job as their educator to whip them into shape – all too literally.Just like the recently released Criminal Girls, the game features a punishment system for the demon of your choosing. The possibility isn't completely off the cards with Idea Factory at the helm – it did release Monster Monpiece and its unorthodox levelling system, after all.~Kind Love and Punish~ is following the trend that love hurts.Set to be released domestically on the Play Station Vita later this year, you'll play as a teacher in a school of demons where the pupils are disobedient at best.Actor To Be - Another Shall We Date game, this one about aspiring actors My Sweet Prince - Another 'Shall We Date?

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