Frances fisher clint eastwood dating

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Dina suffered an "emotional collapse" soon after Eastwood was spotted dining with a "mystery blonde" at the Mission Ranch restaurant which he owns in his hometown of Carmel, northern California, claim sources.

The marital split is yet another blow for the star who has not celebrated a major Hollywood hit for more than five years, as an actor or director.

Dina was only trying to make something of herself with the reality show.

Clint didn’t like his woman earning her own dough, so he fell into the bed of evil predator Erica.

She only started banging her new piece after Clint cheated. The whole real-life wife swap wasn’t intentional on Dina’s part at all. You know, even though the tabloids got wind of Dina banging Erica’s ex, Scott, before Clint was spotted with Erica.

This piece checks off all of the publicist-dictated points needed to make Dina look so sad.

I would actually have a bit of sympathy for Dina if she could keep her story straight.

Instead, she spent the past week tweeting and deleting her support for Clint before admitting she was “saddened” to see him with Erica Fisher.Dina didn’t want any of this awful stuff to go down.Then she found unexpected solace with an “old friend.” LOL.Most of these pictures are from the heyday of Dina Ruiz-Eastwood’s fame when she was promoting the Eastwood family reality show.Even Jack White saw that disaster coming, but Dina didn’t get it.Remember that time when Clint and Dina didn’t speak at his daughter’ s wedding? Let’s do this: Dina & Clint were so perfect: “They were a great couple.

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