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Since then, Kemper has been incarcerated in the California Medical Facility.Kemper is known for his large stature and high intelligence, standing 6-foot-9-inches (2.06 m) tall, weighing over 250 lbs (114 kg) and having a reported IQ of 145, features that left his victims with little chance to overcome him.

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In a statement from area director of the franchisee Apple Mid Cal, Alan Knapp said the business immediately investigated the incident and that they have shared their sincerest apologies with the Martins, according to The Tribune.It would go to fists with a man, but this was my mother and I couldn't stand the thought of my mother and I doing these things. I remember one roof-raiser was over whether I should have my teeth cleaned.When he had saved enough money, he moved out to live with a friend in Alameda.He moved to Montana with his abusive mother at a young age before returning to California where he murdered his paternal grandparents when he was 15.He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic prior to his conviction of murder and sentencing to the Atascadero State Hospital as a criminally insane juvenile.He then murdered his mother and one of her friends before turning himself in to the authorities.

He was found sane and guilty at his trial in 1973, and requested the death penalty for his crimes, however, capital punishment was temporarily suspended in California and he instead received eight life sentences.and Edmund later stated that "suicide missions in wartime and the later atomic bomb testings were nothing compared to living with [Clarnell]" and that she affected him "as a grown man more than three hundred and ninety-six days and nights of fighting on the front did." He was also intelligent but exhibited antisocial and psychopathic behavior such as cruelty to animals: at the age of 10, he buried a pet cat alive; once it died, he dug it up, decapitated it and mounted its head on a spike.Kemper stated in later interviews that as a child some of his favorite games to play were "Gas Chamber" and "Electric Chair", in which he asked his younger sister to tie him up, flip an imaginary switch and then he would tumble over and writhe on the floor, pretending to be dying of gas inhalation or electric shock.Kemper later admitted that being able to understand how these tests functioned allowed him to manipulate his psychiatrists, and said that he learned a lot from the sex offenders to whom he administrated tests; for example, they told him it was best to kill a woman after raping her to avoid leaving witnesses.he was released into the care of his mother—who had remarried and taken the surname Strandberg—at 609 A, Ord Street, Aptos, California, a short drive from where she worked as an administrative assistant at the University of California, Santa Cruz.He had a severely dysfunctional relationship with his mother Clarnell, a neurotic, domineering alcoholic who would make a habit of belittling, humiliating and verbally abusing him.