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Go ara dating - anika sorenstam dating

Así mismo, se convirtió en la modelo más joven en promocionar la marca Etude House. (dunno whether d news s true or nt) My BGF said he REALLY dates tht ara girl *pouted* p.s oppa…me n onnie got deal 2abandon u till u done w tht ara, even onnie got new1 already, matsuura ^^ n i need 2find some1 else 2replace u p.s.s bt then i realize, u r unreplaceable *cried* p.s.s.s bt onnie told me 2be strong, there…im done w u noe on, oppa…finish ur business w tht girl asap if u still luv both of us then we’ll receive u back p.s.s.s.s although i knw its only fake caused by management’ decision n u hve 2be a pro, 4 tht i 4gve u bt onnie got hard time w it ^^ *smacked by onnie* -__-“ Oh anyway my BGF got jaechunsu’ ticket 4ths thanksgivin concert (she’ so damn luck! I made it while thinkin tht su baby actually a seme rather than uke… Both above presented 4u moliv darl…i’ll send u money by ur mom when she pay u a visit next june ^^ p.s above written faniatmanti.wordpress.com, scratch tht darl, my mistake…it suppose 2be fanitra.Aww…d simplest d best… *cried* Do u knw wht i thought when i did ths 1 above?

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A pesar de las dudas por parte del público al anunciarse su incorporación al drama, llegó a recibir elogios por su actuación cuando éste finalizó.The agency had also asked Go Ara and U Know Yunho if this news was true but they too denied the news. Sharp, 20 Snow Flower, 2006 Who Are You, 2008 Heading to the Ground, 2009 Reply 1994, 2013 You’re All Surrounded, 2014 Hwarang: The beginning, 2016 Dance, Subaru!, 2009 Pacemaker, 2011 Papa, 2012 Joseon Magician, 2015 Go Ara sings the following songs.Go Ara nació en Jinju, Gyeongsang del Sur, Corea del Sur.Desde que era pequeña, se mudaba constantemente debido a que su padre era un soldado."U-Know Yunho and Go Ara developed a relationship from company mates to lovers at the beginning of this year...

She had graduated from Chung ang University’s filming department. She is also talented in writing the lyrics, and playing the flute. Go Ara is a South Korean actress born in Jinju, South Gyeongsang on February 11th, 1990.Go Ara started her career as a model and an actress after she won the Grand Prix at the audition held by SM Entertainment in 2003.En el año 2009, se unió al elenco de la serie Heading to the Ground, donde compartió roles con Yunho de TVXQ.En 2013, la popularidad de Ara llegó a su pico más alto al protagonizar la serie Reply 1994.En la serie, Ara interpreta a la rebelde y ambiciosa Yoo Da Mi, personaje con el cual ganó reconocimiento en las ceremonias de premación a finales de ese año.