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And, Miss Haversham is one of the richest (as well as the most unhappy and loneliest).

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In the final chapter (one that Dickens rewrote), Pip returns to England and meets Estella in a graveyard.

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Great Expectations: Overview The novel centers around a poor young man by the name of Pip, who is given the chance to make himself a gentleman by a mysterious benefactor.

Great Expectations offers a fascinating view of the differences between classes during the Victorian era, as well as a great sense of comedy and pathos. Pip is a young orphan who lives with his sister and her husband (Joe).

Pip, despite the girl's cold treatment of him, falls in love with her and desperately wants to be a man of means so that he might be worthy to marry her.

Then, Jaggers (a lawyer) arrives to tell him that a mysterious benefactor has offered to pay for Pip to be made into a gentleman.

He comes to believe that it was Miss Haversham who is providing him with the money--to prepare him for marrying Estella.

But then, Magwitch barges into his room, revealing that he is mysterious benefactor (he escaped from prison and went to Australia, where he made a fortune).

His world collapses and he realizes that all his money has been based on Magwitch's dishonest earnings.

And, Pip finally understands the true value of life.

Pip goes to London, and soon is considered a man of great possibilities (and is therefore embarrassed by his roots and his former relations).

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