I gave dating a chance

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For me, it took awhile to see what Brian (and my grandmother) seemed to know immediately.During our brief conversation, I tried to be polite and make small talk between bites of wedding cake, but Brian could tell I was not interested.

“I was very open…just put it in God’s hands,” she said.While I expected an emotional scene, Brian’s confident response surprised (and attracted) me.He said he loved me, and urged me to take as much time as I needed, promising, “I’ll be here.” As it turns out, I’m the one who ended up missing him like crazy!When he emailed me a few days later, I let him know I was not interested in anything serious.But Brian—who had not been able to stop thinking about me since the wedding—was undeterred.While he may not have been my “type” at first, that changed as I got to know him and allowed him to love (and woo) me.

I am so thankful I listened to my heart (and my grandmother and best friend), and gave a nice guy a chance.On our first date, eating lunch at a local seafood restaurant, we talked about our similar (broken) family backgrounds.I noticed his great sense of humor, and that we had similar values. I remember asking myself at the time, “Why don’t you give a nice guy a chance for a change and see where it goes”?More importantly, I felt confident in his love, and protected and cherished like I’d never felt before in previous relationships. We were very happy, but about eight months into our relationship, when I sensed he might pop the question, I panicked and broke things off.I told him I needed space to think to be sure we were right together.” she said, introducing herself as “grandmother of the maid of honor.” Then she asked him if he’d like to meet me.