Impodent dating website

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Impodent dating website

It's not set up for us to have particularly good sex, because it's not set up for us to be ourselves.

No One Is Interested in a Guy with EDIt's easy to feel this way.

The first question to ask yourself is not "can I have casual sex with erectile dysfunction" it should be "how can I have good sex, period." Moving beyond the myth of intercourse as the be all and end all of sex, and discovering just a few of the limitless ways you can give and receive pleasure without an erection, is going to be necessary to have any kind of good sex life.

Once you've got that, it can happen in a romantic long term committed relationship or in a bathroom stall at a club.

It's not one of those topics they cover in most How To Score books or Player weekend workshops.

If you've been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) and you're single, the pressures of dating and the intense sexual performance anxiety that comes with being identified as male can feel like way too much to deal with.

You're someone with ED, and all sex has changed.

Both of these statements may be true, but the idea that ED ruins a sex life is a lie based on another lie; that a hot sex life is only possible with an erection. The truth is that millions of people have profound, kinky, simple, boring, hot, and outrageous sex without erections. If you think that sex equals intercourse, you should know that some surveys of casual sexual encounters show that most people don't have intercourse when they are having a one night stand.When sex becomes a source of so much worry and shame, lots of people decide it's not worth it, and give up on making sexual connections with others, and even themselves.It may not be easy, but dating, falling in love, casual sex, and random hook ups are all possible even with erectile dysfunction.Not because it's something you should feel shame about, but because it may simply be more information than your date wants to know about you.Would you talk about your high blood pressure or crohn's disease on a first date?But if ED is a big part of your life, and hiding it feels more like keeping a big secret, then you may want to consider which is more detrimental to your goals, telling or not telling.