Intelligence and dating

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Intelligence and dating - christian teen advice on dating

Alex Garland’s “Ex Machina” is the latest in a string of recent science-fiction films exploring questions around artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and the role of technology in our lives.

Interestingly, by default both Siri and Alexa use female voices — and both “Ex Machina” and “Her” are about female artificial intelligences in romantic relationships with human males.The movie references the Turing test for examining a machine’s ability to pass as human, but since Ava is obviously a machine, other questions present themselves. Caleb’s slowly growing attraction to Ava is more persuasive than Theodore and Samantha’s relationship, as much because of Caleb’s guarded, critical resistance and Ava’s assertiveness as because of her clearly robotic yet voluptuous physicality.Female nudity is prominent in “Ex Machina” (Ava is only the latest model in a long line of robots created by Nathan, all female, and some more anatomically correct than others), and the issue of the “male gaze” in cinema is both engaged and subverted.Partly, too, in the case of the films, it’s because movies are disproportionately made by, and about, males, and to the typical male imagination the romantic possibilities of technology naturally suggest female tech. I.” does include a mecha character called Gigolo Joe (Jude Law), who reassures a nervous female client, “Once you’ve had a lover robot, you’ll never want a real man again.” But, again, this is more of a dystopian cautionary tale.Of “Her” and “Ex Machina,” the former is ultimately more affirming of human–tech romantic relationships than the latter.Directed by Spike Jonze, “Her” stars Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely, not-quite-divorced introvert named Theodore Twombly who falls in love with his computer’s adaptive operating system, called Samantha and voiced by Scarlet Johansson.

At first Theodore is afraid to admit to his friends that he’s “dating an OS,” but a female friend who has grown platonically close to her own OS assures him that falling in love with an OS is no crazier than falling in love with anyone.Vikander plays Ava, an intelligent robot created by Nathan, who wants Caleb to analyze Ava and try to determine how human-like her AI is.In their sessions, Ava comes across as vulnerably naive yet self-possessed, lacking Caleb’s experience of the world, but resisting the role of a passive subject, even questioning Caleb as much as he questions her. Is she emotionally real enough to elicit an emotional response from him?The accountant reconnects with his friend, and the two set up a time to meet and catch up.It is not long before the accountant finds out that his friend is actually an international spy, and that maybe it would have been best to just exchange a few emails instead of getting together again.Sometimes it is best to just find old friends on social media, and then maintain a digital correspondence relationship.

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