Ladder theory of dating

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Ladder theory of dating - dating teacher college

Boy, you are not giving men any credit....." all men think with their****" kinda thing!!! I have LOTS of men friends and yes, we are attracted to one another, but we are adults and not horny teenagers!!! ; so if men truly valued women's friendship, you'd see more of this arrangement in action.

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Ok, reading ladder theory right, I should concentrate on improving my appearance seeing as this accounts for 60% of a guys assessment and how high he places me on his ladder.The other thing I need to work on is how I am percieved in terms of how quickly I will put out according to ladder theory, this is a significant 30% factor on how high I get placed on a guys ladder.So for the guys that I want, if I am to be on the top of thier ladder, then I should make it clear that I want to sleep with them.If ladder theory really is true for the guys I want then I've really been messing this part up ! And that theory is a *blanket* statement of it's own, to use your expression, as it makes a rather vast generalization which is not only ridiculous but one with no back-up. No men do not want to be friends with women without the possibility of sex.I mean you have to be pretty twisted to think such things of men. Well Nothing Sweet the wedge heels put you on a higher rung on the ladder right away with me. But speaking from experience in my life the womans ladder rings very true. -If men did, then why wouldn't you see men of all levels of desirability openly hanging out with ugly women all around?Are there any men out there that want to be both friend and lover with their woman, or is this just a female notion? This question can be answered on at least a couple of levels.

Long ago I noticed that the most successful couples were those who viewed each other above all else as best friends.It was fun and because we never took it to the next level nobody got hurt.The only time I've found it difficult to be friends with a woman I'm attracted to is if one or both of us can't work out what we really want out of our friendship, or whether we'd really like to explore something more intimate with each other.That plays a role, sure, but I'm not going to be strongly sexually attracted to a woman who gives me no hint that she welcomes the interest.So certainly I can and have been good friends with women considered quite physically attractive without any sort of inner tug of war whenever we're together.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.