Lil romeo and jamie lynn spears dating

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Lil romeo and jamie lynn spears dating - carbon dating stonehenge

Hip-hop singer Lil' Romeo has denied he is dating pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears insisting the actress is determined to marry the father of her baby.The rap star, 18, admitted to having a close friendship with Spears but insists he is not the father of her child as they were never romantically involved.

is reporting this morning that JLS has been dating fellow Nickelodeon star Lil' Romeo.In California, it is a misdemeanor to have sex with someone younger than 18 if the offender is less than three years older.Someone more than three years older could be charged with a felony. 470, 484-85) (1917), it reaffirmed the broader reading of the law.And Lil` Romeo is convinced the couple is planning on getting married after the baby is born.And he also states "The child is definitely not mine! Yet, there is a reason why the age of consent and the age of majority are set relatively high.

At age 15 or 16, the law does not view a young person as having the cognitive or developmental maturity to make decisions of consent. While consensual, one party does not have the capacity to consent.

Just when you thought the Spears family couldn't get any weirder.

A source close to Kevin Federline and his family has told the New York Post that the Fed Ex man was told that young Jamie Lynn is with child before Britney!

For Aldridge, his relationship with Spears could easily be viewed as a criminal matter. Charges can be brought in any state with sexual relations occurred.

Yet, the two states with the most relevance are California (where Spears works) and Louisiana (where Spears lives).

Spears stunned the world when she announced last year she is expecting a baby with boyfriend Casey Aldridge, and Lil' Romeo is convinced the couple is planning on marriage after the baby is born.

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