Mobile dating minnesota

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Mobile dating minnesota

And let’s not forget Pillsbury, without which the world would not have Funfetti cupcakes or happiness.If you haven’t already found someone who loves tater tots, no wonder you haven’t found the right person. In fact, there might be a hot dish at the table on your first date.

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Blood Marys are a staple in Minnesota, which is why so many people here know how to make them without consulting a recipe. Minnesotans know how to take “go big or go home” to the extreme, which makes dull moments a rarity. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Minnesota in the comments below!Oh, and for some reason they’re served with a small glass of beer here, called a snit. With so much fun to be had in Minnesota nature, it’s hard to want to stay indoors. And now with someone by your side to keep you company, you never need to. They’re so good, your man won’t even complain when you wake up early on a Sunday morning to go apple picking. You might know some of the more popular things that Minneapolis has given the world.But if you’re not from Minnesota, you probably haven’t heard of Al’s Breakfast, which is easily the best place for breakfast, brunch, and all things waffle on the entire face of the planet. Dust off the record player, sit in front of the fire, a listen as Minnesota boy Bob Dylan sings “Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile.If you’ve made it to adulthood thinking that game from your childhood is called Duck Duck Goose, then I’m sorry to break it to you, Neo, but you’ve been living in the Matrix all along.

Duck Duck Grey Duck is the only real way to play the game.

Maybe the reason that Minnesotans are so nice is because their blood type is Type O Sugar.

Just the ice cream alone will sweeten up your life.

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