Pakistan dating and marriage

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Pakistan dating and marriage - interracial dating help

When people attend a Pakistani wedding, they’re often struck by the ensuing fanfare of it all.

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Notice however, how in both cases, the emphasis is on “families” and not individuals, further underscoring Islam’s communal theme of marriage being the cornerstone of properly functioning Muslim society.Coming from a Pakistani cultural framework, the sentence could have read, “ harder for the other person to leave.” This is contrary to what some women are willing to endure for their personal happiness as detailed in “Defying Parents, Some Pakistani Women Risk All to Marry Whom They Choose,” even if it is for the short-term.While I understand Bennett was referring to how marriage might have salvaged her own relationship (trial separation; mandatory counselling), in Islam, marriages not only contribute towards sustaining a relationship (in addition to financial support and procreation) but one of its effects is to extend the longevity of a relationship even if sometimes it is to the detriment of the couple.Women of elite and affluent families however can afford to remain unmarried or consider (for the lack of a better word in this case) spinsterhood.Jane Austen’s character, Emma said it best:“…I shall not be a poor old maid; and it is poverty only which makes celibacy contemptible to a generous public!The groom and bride have never met before, and any interaction between them is akin to small talk with a stranger.

Conversely, a semi-arranged one is where the alleged “couple” have several “meet and greet” opportunities, thereby allowing both the couple and families to gain a sense of familiarity.As for Sania, despite bringing in considerable dowry, she will either wait it out – in that perhaps her new family will come around to the idea of a career – or she too will join hordes of other women who undoubtedly sacrifice their dreams and aspirations to maintain harmony in her new family.For many Pakistani families, a marriage builds networks and in many cases is a step up the economic ladder for one of the parties.Both are from affluent families: she, the daughter of an industrialist, while his father is a well-known technocrat in government. The atmosphere is the same in that people are rejoicing on the occasion of a wedding in their village.The groom in this case belongs to a family in the milk business; they are owners of a thatch of fertile land and have a large herd of healthy cows and buffaloes and thereby supply fresh milk to nearby towns.As for the groom, he might have had to break things off with his Greek girlfriend, someone he met while completing his doctorate at a top British university.

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