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Playing dating games isn’t just exhausting, confusing and completely childish in many ways, but it’s also literally zero fun. The right person for you will play by your genuine rules, and it’ll be a lot more fun in the long run.

While most people might see the profiles and cringe at the awkwardness, Lopex sees something different entirely.We shouldn’t need to hide behind cryptic words and dishonest availability to lure a man into caring about us. There’s nothing natural about carefully strategized response times and playing coy. I’m not a kid anymore and I shouldn’t have to put up with this. Playing unnecessary games only leads people to overanalyze situations that really don’t need to be dissected, and you can end up reading things the wrong way. If you start things off by being honest and direct about how you’re feeling and what you want, there’s never a chance for the bullsh*t to freaking out waiting for him to text back for hours?Sure, that moment of complete relief when he finally responds is satisfying as f*ck, but you know you’re just going to go through that multiple more times before you hopefully and It sucks all the fun out of dating.Amster says he’s making the game “Because sometimes when you’re faced with an absurdly terrible situation, you can only cope by making fun of the absurdity of how terrible it is.” The game’s credits are a veritable who’s who of quirky dating sims: though Amster himself has never worked on a game before, the game’s art is coming from veterans of and more.Music will be written by Calypso Games and Tyber Alex, and you can get the soundtrack if you contribute or more to bringing this dark project to life.Lopex plans on compiling the results for a long-running video piece that he'll screen at the Horton Plaza show space on Sunday, Oct. He's also quick to point out that participants don't need to be single in order to participate.

"I just hope that there's no incidents like the Pina Colada song," says Lopex, referring to Rupert Holmes' hit song from the '70s."I guess when everything's digital, you have to make it into some kind of gripe.Like the guy at the party who's talking about feminism so he can get laid." With help from Noë Olivas, Lopex is working on a new video project that explores the world of video dating that was popular in the '80s and '90s."I want couples to go, but I hope none of them see each other after and say, 'You said what? Olly*, a 25-year-old graphic designer, was on the train home after a date with Jen, the 24-year-old media planner he’d met on Tinder a few weeks before. Not even because he wanted to wait another day to play it cool.All this to say that you’re sure to get only the highest quality political fan fiction with I Coleman believes that videogames are the most important, most fascinating, and most potentially world-changing entertainment medium today.